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The Total Money Makeover is one of Dave Ramsey’s New York Times best selling books. If you have heard of the weekly Dave Ramsey shows, you should be quite familiar with the ideas behind this book. “Then a friend loaned me a copy of The Total Money Makeover, a book by some guy I’d never heard of named Dave Ramsey. Join our mailing list to receive the latest financial news and free financial education from industry-leading experts. 2) The objective is to pay off your smallest debt first because that’s how you’ll get the quickest result. As explained in The Total Money Makeover, “Saving that initial $1,000 is so essential to the rest of your Total Money Makeover.

  • I think that Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover gives solid financial advice.
  • Dave has his own takes in investments as well, and he talks about how to approach your retirement fund, and determine how much you need in order to retire.
  • Debts are the number 1 factor that prevents you from building wealth.
  • Let’s explore the key tenets that set the stage for debt-free living and building wealth over time.
  • Ramsey’s approach isn’t just about picking stocks or mutual funds; it’s about understanding your own financial goals and risk tolerance.

When I looked into the future, all I saw were years of toil to pay for the things I’d already purchased. Leaving the skinny to other books, Ramsey is a prophet to those who want to be rich but would settle for being financially stable. It’s clear that this is a large group, given the popularity of Ramsey’s radio show and books. After reading THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER, I can see why they flock to him for advice. While Ramsey’s advice has proven effective for many, financial planning is a deeply personal journey.

The Total Money Makeover offers a 6-steps guide to achieving Financial Freedom. In the book, Dave goes in great details on how to achieve each step, and include interview transcripts of common folks who successfully follow the steps to transform their personal finances. If you have been using credit cards your entire life and can’t imagine living without one, you are in for a whole new perspective on personal finance management. The easiest way to do this is to simply take the money you were applying to your debt snowball and convert it into a savings snowball.

Growth Stock Mutual Fund

He literally started from nothing and today he teaches “common sense for your dollars and cents” and is known to say that he “gives the same advice your grandma would give”. The third step is to grow your emergency fund to cover all your living expenses for a period of at least 3 to 6 months. I enjoyed reading the book, mostly due to Dave’s interesting writing style that departs from the more conventional, dry personal finance books.

  • The goal of this fund will be to produce the maximum amount of growth.
  • A big part of the Dave Ramsey financial lifestyle is to be able to pay for everything in cash.
  • And when we read through Total Money Makeover, we identified pretty quickly that it employs a sort of “scare tactic” approach.

Dave Ramsey’s lesson here is to take a zero-risk approach, but we want to have a small amount of risk to see more significant returns. I was motivated to stay out of debt because I saw my balances going down each month. You may be surprised that you are spending more than you realized on unnecessary items. The Total Money Makeover is a great resource for beginners who are in debt and have no clue about money management.

It emphasizes the importance of getting out of debt, saving for emergencies, investing for the future, and ultimately achieving financial freedom. The core principles of “The Total Money Makeover” are simple yet profound. They revolve around the idea of living within your means, aggressively paying off debt, and invest for a future that is financially secure and free from monetary stress. Ramsey’s philosophy is not about quick fixes but about instilling lasting habits that lead to a lifetime of financial health. The answers lie within the pages of this transformative book.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how few people do this. In a future blog post, I’ll talk more about the Dave Ramsey financial plan, as well as my own experiences with it. He started a radio show back in 1992 which has transformed into a YouTube show and the podcast.

Build a $1,000 Emergency Fund

Ramsey’s strategy involves a step-by-step debt reduction strategy, which includes how to creating a budget, cutting unnecessary expenses, and focusing on paying off debts smallest to largest. This method, known as the ‘debt snowball,’ is designed to create quick wins, building momentum and motivation total money makeover review to tackle larger debts. Dave Ramsey, a name synonymous with financial discipline and debt management, authored “The Total Money Makeover,” a book that has become a beacon for those seeking financial stability. This book is not just a collection of advice; it’s a manifesto for a lifestyle change.

$1000 Starter ER Fund

Your $1,000 emergency fund isn’t just cheap insurance against real life; it’s a visible reminder that you have succeeded, that you can save, that you can be smart with money. The debt snowball is built around quick wins, which give you the confidence to continue. What I appreciate the most is that Dave’s approach is simple and anyone can grasp it. I can’t say that it changed my life, but our only debt was our mortgage and I was mostly interested in reading his opinion on paying off a mortgage vs. saving and investing.

For most people, minimizing debts, saving money, and building wealth is going to be in similar places priority-wise. Dave Ramsey’s primary goal in his book is to help people get out of crippling debt and stay out of it for good. Many of the good points of this book lie in the financial stability and independence Ramsey’s steps help readers achieve.

The students who know this are able to fund most of their education through scholarships instead of going into debt. Once you’ve begun saving for your retirement, you can turn your attention toward your children. Critics note that it makes more sense to pay off high-interest debt first. Even Ramsey admits that the debt snowball isn’t mathematically optimal.

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The first step is recognizing problematic thought patterns around spending and loans. Financial guru Dave Ramsey has transformed countless lives through his best-selling book The Total Money Makeover. This popular guide lays out a step-by-step plan for achieving financial freedom by eliminating debt. At its core, Ramsey’s philosophy emphasizes financial discipline and intentional debt management. This article will guide you through the key takeaways from Ramsey’s book.

One of the most significant insights from the book is the concept of investing in yourself. Whether it’s through continued education, acquiring new skills, or simply staying informed about the financial world, investing in yourself can yield the greatest returns. Before you can do these baby steps, you must be current on all monthly payments. When you get a consolidation loan, you only transfer one debt to another, not fixing your debt problem by getting rid of your debts. Debt consolidation loans appeal to many consumers because the loan offers a lower payment.

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