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10 Best E-Commerce Chatbot Tools For Boosting Sales

chatbot ecommerce

Our starter packs provide you with eCommerce and retail chatbot templates that can be easily tweaked to your requirements. Have you spent large amounts building your app and larger amounts in promoting it, only to deal with uninstall rates of more than 70%? According to Forrester, 53% of online shoppers abandon their carts if they do not receive instant answers to their questions. Here’s an article that gives you a deeper understanding of how to build chatbot flows. Platforms like ManyChat and ChatFuel let you build conversation flows easily. Now instead of increasing the number of messages and phone calls you receive to track orders, you can tackle the queries with a chatbot.

  • Additionally, chatbots excel in lead generation by capturing user data and seamlessly integrating with multiple platforms.
  • A chatbot can make sure they have access to assistance if they need it.
  • And, it ensures that customers get answers to their questions at any time of time.

Consumers today want quick, seamless, and frictionless experiences and chatbots are yet another channel to facilitate these needs and meet their demands. The most important things to look for in a chatbot are omnichannel messaging support, ease of use, and good use of context in responses. These are some of the best ecommerce chatbots currently on the market.

What are the benefits of eCommerce chatbots?

A practical need will be real-time data export between different departments. Support for extensive integration really saves time and reduces communication friction. Book a demo with Talkative today and take the first step to chatbot success. With no upselling or product suggestions, the bot is simple there to have a chat.


This chatbot utilizes a powerful conversational AI engine to talk to users who have trouble sleeping. This award-winning chatbot was deployed on SMS and became an instant hit thanks to his friendly and light-hearted conversations. Tinka is a very capable chatbot with answers to over 1,500 questions that help customers get the help they need instantly. If however, the customer has a question that Tinka cannot answer, its LiveAgent Handover feature seamlessly transitions the conversation to a human agent without the customer having to do anything. However, Botmother lacks the dedicated ecommerce platform integrations that some other chatbots offer, so it’s more focused on helping you accept ecommerce payments directly within the chatbot. Even if you’ve done everything right, shoppers will still leave without purchasing sometimes.

Build brand awareness

By taking on these responsibilities, eCommerce chatbots effectively relieve the workload of customer service agents, enabling them to focus on more complex tasks. These chatbots ensure that customers receive prompt answers to their queries at any time of the day, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience. This comprehensive support is accessible across a wide array of retail and messaging channels, catering to customers’ preferences and convenience. These eCommerce chatbots are used for conversational marketing and tackling any worries that customers may have regarding the product before they make the purchase. These bots are used for conversational commerce as well as providing after sales support intelligently and instantly, without needing to involve a human customer service agent.

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The below diagram depicts the architecture flow of building an ecommerce chatbot. Now you might think building your own ecommerce chatbot, like the above examples, is a hard task. Those numbers sound nice, but what’s even more exciting is that real-world ecommerce businesses are having incredible success — and making money — using Messenger bots. If you answered yes to one (or all) of those questions, it’s time to get serious about chatbots. You will need to hire a developer and decide which platform you want to use. Once you have established the purpose and platform for your eCommerce chatbot, you can begin designing its conversation flow.

Having chatbots do most (or probably all) of your customer service activities can help save a substantial amount of money on customer service. Efficient customer assistance by chatbots requires less human support, allowing you to drive your focus on more critical aspects of your e-commerce site, such as page layout or checkout. You can also dramatically reduce human error and enable efficient customer service with minimal resource costs.

chatbot ecommerce

Additionally, many ecommerce platforms are compatible with chatbot apps, and you can simply add them to your store without an same time, you won’t have to spend hours monitoring your social media pages for messages and can rest assured that your shoppers are taken care of on your social sales channels. Using Verloop.io’s eCommerce chatbot, Nykaa boosted its engagement by 2.2x.

Improve your conversion rate & AOVs

Thanks to our AI-powered support automation platform, you can easily integrate your whole tech stack, automate support processes, and use conversational AI to address customer inquiries instantly. Ensure a consistent brand experience; the chatbot platform should let you alter the chatbot’s responses, branding, and user interface. The chatbot’s responses should reflect the voice and aesthetic of your company, giving customers a seamless experience.

chatbot ecommerce

These platforms require no coding knowledge and can be integrated with major e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento) and third-party customer service solutions (Salesforce, Zendesk). Rule-based chatbots don’t answer difficult questions like AI chatbots. The scripted response of rule-based chatbots can exasperate customers, whereas AI-based eCommerce chatbots are the best shopping assistants for every online business. Do you want to provide value to customers in your eCommerce business? Are you trying to find different ways to develop real-time conversations with your customers? Enhancing brand value is significant to developing your eCommerce business.

Your customers will get a personalized experience if you give them a real-time shopping experience. AI chatbots are not like other rule-based chatbots that answer questions with a scripted response. With advanced technology and regular training, chatbots will answer every question like a human. You will certainly not exhaust your customers with a mechanical response if you implement AI-based chatbots on your eCommerce website. AI chatbots and live chat are efficient ways to provide customer support through conversation. An effective e-commerce chatbot technology will greet the customers, guide them through the products, collect feedback conversationally and track order details.

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