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In addition to the benefits to the liver, giving up alcohol can result in a number of other health benefits—which are also thought to be due to decreasing levels of alcohol and acetaldehyde in the body. After giving up alcohol, changes will https://ecosoberhouse.com/ start to take effect within weeks. In cases where you have been drinking heavily or frequently for some time, it is a good idea to have your detox supervised by a medical professional to manage potentially risky withdrawal complications.

  • When you’re in recovery, it’s easy to focus on the negatives.
  • This is an inner peace that many people claim they find in sobriety.
  • Of course, it’s important to set (and enforce) clear boundaries around behavior that affects you negatively, like angry outbursts or dishonesty.
  • The most common ones include fatigue, mood swings, and depression.
  • There is an important distinction between being “sober” and being in “recovery”.
  • By Michelle Pugle

    Michelle Pugle, MA, MHFA is a freelance health writer as seen in Healthline, Health, Everyday Health, Psych Central, and Verywell.

People suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder do not change their behavior even if they’re fired, wind up in the hospital, or suddenly become a parent. They do not see a problem with their drinking, so they continue to pursue it. In Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), “dry drunk” is often used to refer to someone sober alcoholic meaning in the “pink cloud”. The Healthline FindCare tool can provide options in your area if you need help finding a mental health specialist. Getting support doesn’t have to mean going to rehab, although that is an option. Support can also look like joining in-person and online support groups.

…and change your drinking habits

It can feel like the person you knew and loved so much before the alcoholism began (or got worse) is gone forever. It’s as if they are a stranger and their entire personality has changed. They are no longer reliable, dependable, honest or fun to be around.

  • In addition, people who drink more than the recommended amount are placing themselves at risk for an AUD.
  • If you’re already coping with depression or other mental health concerns, these symptoms might further complicate matters and make you feel even worse.
  • Depending on the severity of the addiction or substance, a medically-supervised detox may be necessary to safely help you through withdrawal during the first few weeks when relapse risk is highest.
  • Sometimes, you might consider engaging in other activities that don’t put drinking front and center.

Or it could be that you’ve developed a physical health problem that you know is probably due to drinking and you want to make positive changes before things get worse. If you’re not experiencing negative health effects right now, it might be a good idea to learn about what could happen if you do keep drinking. Deciding to quit isn’t easy, but it’s a brave and commendable first step toward becoming sober. You may not be completely ready to stop drinking or know exactly how to get sober from alcohol, but even just having the thought that you want to stop and need help is a good place to start. When I was in the throes of alcoholism, I was drinking around the clock, I had lost custody of my children and was unemployable. Alcohol remained my number one priority despite the many powerful negative consequences it brought into my life.

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