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Tumblr is largely the most effective web thing to happen to lesbians that like fashion therefore, to any or all Freja Beha and Jil Sander wannabes around, we now have gathered this directory of all of our  favourite lesbian design Tumblrs. Ideally these will inspire you to dress more dapper in the future.

All of our variety has plenty of butch and androgynous blog sites. So get your bowties and suspenders away. Did we miss out the coolest, gayest Tumblr actually? Feedback below so we can truly add it right here.

If you’re a preppy lesbian, you are going to without doubt delight in Lesbian a La form. A lot of denim, button-up t-shirts, blazers and beautiful boots. All becoming worn by cute women.


Fit For a Femme

Fit for a Femme have a website/blog, but also for artistic dress determination, their own Tumblr is where its at. Flare, freedom patterns, dresses, dresses and a small amount of dapper design every now and then.



Would you like Tegan and Sara’s and Kristen Stewart’s design? This will be for you personally.


Dapper Dean

Dapper is one of the finest words inside the English language so it’s not a shock this Tumblr is pretty fantastic. If you are a lesbian into androgynous and sleek design, you may love the blend of men’s room clothing and ladies’ garments right here.


Change Teams

Lily is actually a queer musician living in Brooklyn. You will find gorgeous androgynous ladies on her Tumblr, some of her own pictures and a great butchy style.


Les Femmes

Cool girls, hot girls and fitted and booted girls. Quite a few streetwear design, hipster images and they are not all the femme possibly.



Widlfang is truly a brand name of tomboy clothing located in Portland, The united states. Their unique Tumblr is an excellent mix of the material they sell at their own store and also the stuff that motivates all of them.


The Vibrant Match Principle

Perhaps not a lesbian Tumblr by itself, but look at those elegant and colorful meets!


Les Beehive

Les Beehive isn’t only a style weblog, but a women’s way of living Tumblr with a rather strong homosexual vein. Expect your own Fashion few days revisions in the future with entertainment development.



Qwear is a Boston-based style blog site for queer and trans* females. Their Tumblr is a great way to maintain currently with the web site and look at pictures of pretty feamales in meets.


Tegan and Sara Clothes

Self-explanatory. You like exactly how Tegan and Sara gown? You intend to go shopping all of their garments? Done.


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